Forms of participation

  1. Material payment(money, building materials, instruments, apartments)
  2. The labour participating in building and repair will be translated in a money equivalent for the extra charge of bonuses.
  3. Moral, psychological support, professional advices and sympathy


Joint owner

A joint owner(by the participant of equity ownership) the participant of project, bringing in 1500 and more than dollars, is considered.

A joint owner is (personally or through the representative, for a foreign joint owner – by means of facilities of internet communication) under an obligation :

  1. To take part in annual electoral meeting at the end of navigation.

Abandonment from participating in meeting designs a writing statement.

  1. To execute the decisions of General collection of joint owners.
  2. At the beginning of exploitation to accept a ship for a previous joint owner and hand over to subsequent. Defects, breakages educed during the handing-reception of ship removed due to handing over.
  3. To remove the damages caused to the ship in the period of exploitation.
  4. By the end of period of exploitation to deliver a ship pithily, set by the current general chart of exploitation.
  5. At completion of navigation to hand over a ship to knight Commander and to organize measures on preservation of boat in the order accepted by general collection.
  6. Implicitly to submit to knight Commander within the framework of the accepted rules, decisions of general collection and common to all mankind codes of conduct.
  7. To conduct a log-book and other documentation.
  8. In proportion with the stake to participate in tax payment, collections and another payments on general property.
  9. To save a ship.
  10. At наявности of available passenger spaces to take hard-over Partner no less what on 4 hours as a passenger for a walk.
  11. A joint owner is right at own discretion to sell, present, exchange, hand over, bequeath, give on a gage the stake or to dispose of her by another character with an observance at her retribution alienation of next rules :

А) At the sale of stake in the right of general ownership other Participants of equity ownership have a prerogative right of purchase of alienable stake an extraneous person at price for that she is for sale, and on other equal terms, except the case of sale from public торгов.

Б) Salesman of stake is under an obligation to inform in writing other joint Owners about intention to sell the stake to the extraneous person, with the obligatory pointing of cost and other terms on that he sells her. If other Совладельці will give up a purchase or will not ulcerate the desire of her to purchase a salesman on the terms, advising him about it in writing during 30(thirty) calendar days from the day of notification, a salesman is right to sell the stake to any person.

В) At the sale of stake with violation of prerogative right of purchase any other Owner has a right during 3(three) months in the judicial order of translation on him rights and duties of customer.

Г) At handing over of ship in a lease to the person not entering in the complement of joint Owners, it is necessary to get the consent of other joint Owners. A consent to handing over is considered got, if during 7(seven) working days after corresponding notification none of joint Owners said of substantial objections against handing over in a lease /renting.


Abandonment from implementation of duties is equated with abandonment from co-ownership a boаt. A decision at exceptions from the list of partners and joint owners decides General collection.

Has a right

  1. To exploit a boat proportionally to the stake of participation.
  2. To lease a ship out to the third persons on set by the current chart of exploitation period.
  3. To sell, present, pass, bequeath the by share share at any price to the legal or physical entity.
  4. To form a command on the period of exploitation at own discretion.
  5. On priority in acquisition of stake of other joint owner in case of her sale.
  6. Joint owner carrying out for the account with the observance of the set order of the use of ship inseparable improvements has him right on a corresponding increase it stakes. Separable improvements enter property of that of joint Owners, that produced them.

Has no authority

1)            to Take away the brought in stake to the moment of completion of building and complete(to the volume necessary for realization of the cruiser swimming to 100 miles) equipment of ship.

2)            to Use a ship not on the direct setting.

3)            to Set loading, exceeding possibilities of engine and rigging.


A partner is a man, rendering physical, financial(in an equivalent $ 500-800), help, in building and exploitation of boat.

Has a right

  1. To take part in general collections on rights to deliberative vote.
  2. Primary right to be a command member.
  3. To use a yacht(on the general rules of exploitation of boat) during her outage, on a concordance with joint Owners(or by knight Commander, if a right is delegated him) as a captain at presence of permissive documents.


Implicitly to submit to knight Commander and operating captain.


Common collection of joint owners.

  1. It is the supreme leading body of association of joint owners.
  2. Gathers no less than 1 time per a year at the end of navigation in port of postscript of ship.
  3. Determines the date of realization of next collection.
  4. Convoked, as extraordinary, by initiative of knight Commander or initiative of 1/3 joint owners.
  5. It is the higher court of arbitration in спорах of joint owners.
  6. Decides questions:
  7. Drafting of rules and chart of exploitation of ship; The chart of exploitation of ship is accepted on collection of owners most voices of present and(or) delegated representatives. Abandonment from voting and documentary confirmation of refuse it must be physically witnessed by knight Commander and two members.
  8. Chooses knight Commander for a term of 1;
  9. Decides financial tasks on insurance, storage current to repair and equipment of ship;
  10. Decision about a sale, utilization, to the transmission accepted other proprietors by voting of all joint owners from a calculation one participant is one voice.
  11. Accepts the order of exploitation of boat and amends in it
  12. Made decision most voices of gathering joint owners from a calculation one participant is one voice, Commander are 2 voices.


A Commodore is a chairman of club of joint owners

  1. It is the executive branch of association of joint owners.
  2. Presides on collections of joint owners.
  3. It is the referendary of more subzero(as compared to General collection) order in the decisions of spores of joint owners.
  4. Elected by general collection. In case of refuse from implementation of duties of knight Commander of all joint owners, appointed in turn, set drawing, on the term set by General collection.


  1. To give out a ship at the beginning of navigation
  2. To accept a ship at the end of navigation.
  3. To control the state of ship(at his availability).
  4. To present an association in state and international organizations.
  5. To conduct obligatory legal documentation.
  6. To account about the done work and financial activity for period of каденции.

Has a right

  1. To drum up extraordinary collection of joint owners.
  2. To appoint the deputy in case of the absence.
  3. To determine the order of exploitation of boat in periods of her outage.
  4. To dispose of finances and materials for implementation of decisions of general collection.
  5. On additional voice at voting
  6. To use all rights delegated by General collection of joint owners.

The first Commodore  is an author of project.

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