About us

We, the patriots of Ukraine, glorify Ukraine with our achievements.

We love homeland and sails. Therefore, we admire and appreciate its nature, culture and history. We know that the land of Ukraine, blessed by God, is promised by God for the people cleared by the flood, a saving island of apocalyptic times. Peace, welfare and prosperity must prevail on this land. Seventy years of iron curtain and information confrontation during the Cold War created a distorted picture of the cultures of the peoples of the Russian and Soviet empires. Until now, the peoples of the world do not have a clear idea of Ukraine, do not understand its meaning as a spiritual component, have no full knowledge of its immaterial, sacred value. We want to share our love, our enthusiasm with other nations. For millennia, from the beginning of the flowering of the Trypillya-Kukuthen culture, our people accepted, re-thought, survived, overwhelmed, experienced and, therefore, became wise and great spirit. The spirit of Ukraine, with the passage of hundreds of centuries, crystallized and multiplied. Ukraine, which was a soul of cultures and empires, will become the soul of the world community. This is her historic mission!

Traveling around the world, we will carry our mission, our yellow-blue flag, the flag of the sun and the sky, of the sky and the wheat field, of the sun and the sea, into the family of the peoples of the world.

Our tasks:

1) Fill the gaps in the knowledge of the peoples of Europe about Ukraine;

2) Familiarize the peoples of Europe with the cultural and natural resources of Ukraine;

3) Attract attention to the spiritual, sacred value of Ukraine;

4) Acquaint the peoples of European countries with the people of Ukraine, and the people of Ukraine – with the peoples of Europe.

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