Maloholovka Alexander A.

Was born in the August 24, 1960 in the city of Khmelnitsky in the family of engineer and teacher. He graduated from secondary school number 7 with a gold medal. In 1977 he entered the medical faculty of Vinnitsa Medical Institute named N.I. Pirogov, which graduated in 1983. Already at the last courses of the institute, he began to engage in scientific and rationalization activities. In 1983-1984 he passed an internship in department of anesthesiology and intensive care at the Khmelnytsky Regional Hospital, where he was remained as a doctor-anesthesiologist. From 1989 to 1996 he was the lider of the  department of the detoxification and hemodialis of the regional hospital, where with the help of extracorporeal methods of purifying the body was treating patients with renal, hepatic insufficiency, endogenous intoxication, alcoholism, drug addiction. From 1996 to 2002, he headed the department № 3 of Khmelnitsky’s Regional Narcological Dispensary. Since 2002 he taught at the Department of Surgery, Vinnytsia National Medical University named N.I. Pirogov. In 2007 he defended his dissertation about the anatomy of the upper respiratory tract. During the same period he worked in the department of cardiac surgery (headed by Dr. Andrei Klantsa, whose name is included in the Guinness Book of Records), where he became the first perfusion physician in the history of region. From 2013 to 2016 he worked in the Central Hospital of Benguela of Angola.

In 2000, together with like-minded people, he founded the public organization “Khmelnitsky Institute of Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Social Health and Human Ecology” and was elected Chairman of his Board. Since the day of foundation, a number of social and health-improving projects have been implemented. The longest of the projects was the “Dniester” project – a permanently operating ecological sailing-rowing tourist expedition along the Dniester River. As a result of the expeditions, a number of films were shot, radio programs were created, and articles were published in the local press. According to the information of the ecological direction of the Kamenets-Podolsky District Council of People’s Deputies, appropriate decisions were made.

He is an author of 12 inventions, two of which are concerned with the improvement of a sailing vessel.

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