Our achievements

How did the expedition originate? At first, there was a dream to travel by sailing boats to the Dniester reservoir.
The dream and the desire to save from the final senescence of several last six-seater sea-boats, as a result gave fruit – in the spring of 2003, the first yawl was restored, which was credited to balance by the charitable non-governmental organization “Khmelnitsky Institute of Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social Health and Human Ecology “, headed by doctor Olexander Maloholovka.
In the summer of the same year, an updated boat journey took a trip by a reservoir from the fall of the Zbruch river to the Dniester hydroelectric power station, and a year later, in 2005, life was given to the second yawl, and already on both floating craft a journey from the city of Zhydachev, of the Lviv region, until village Braga Khmelnitsky region.
Supported by a public organization, the initiative of a former trainer needed more solid support. And this support came instantly: Anatoliy Trachuk, General Director of Khmelnytsky Television Company “Podillya-Center”, took over the organization and conducting of expeditions. There were information materials, reports on the preparation and the course of the expedition, and subsequently – television and radio programs.
The National Nature Park “Podilski Tovtry”, headed by Alexander Nikitin, took part in organizing and conducting an expedition. Deputy Director of the Park Yuriy Boev, as a member of the expedition, took samples of water from the river Dniester. The laboratory of the park have carried out analyzes of these samples.
As in the preparation of the first expedition by a reservoir, as well as in the preparation of travel with the use of flow, financial and material assistance, food and medicine assistance, the allocation of transport have provided by a dozen individuals and legal entities. These are people’s deputies of Ukraine, local authorities, private companies and joint-stock companies, insurance companies, tour operators, etc.
It should be noted that for the needs of conducting voyage – every seventh hryvnia was invested by the members of the expedition. So, even with the less active sponsors, these trips would still have happened.


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