The “Leleca” project for the construction of a sailing boat

For whom is this project?

1. For those who saved romantic feelings in their soul.
2. Who is looking foward to freedom atleast 14 days a year.
3. Who loves sails and travels along the rivers and seas.
4. Who loves active rest without noise of engines and stink of exhaust-gass.
5. For businessmen and businessladies.
6. For those who understands that there are things, such as love, friendship,understanding, unity, which cannot be bought.

Objective of the project:
1.To unite people with resonance of thoughts, feelings, world view in a friendly team of like-minded people.
2.To build the means of unity as the wind-driven boat.
3.Using the created instrument, realize yourself.

Essence of project :
we by the whole team build the wind-driven yacht(project of boat is here), divide by crews and in turn travel around the world under the Ukrainian flag. About forms and terms of participation in a project read here.

Algorithm of realization:

During 18 months we raise funds of money. If a sum appears insufficient, payments return back.
For a year we build and equip a boat (photo, video and financial statement are here).
Collect general collections of co-owners and determine the order of exploitation of boat. Philanthropists that apply co-owning of ship, sign the standard agreement of participating in standard agreement of participating in possession

Will compare prices:
-7 days as a member of command on a yacht in Croatia 1000 $
– 7 days in Turkey – from 300 $
– hour walking under a sail as a passenger – 20 $/hour
– A cost of new yacht of 10 m length – from 80.000$
– Cost of yacht used(10 m, 15 years) – from 30.000 $

Hurry up! A boat will BE built. And it will not be tightly tied down to the pier. A boat will live by it’s regular ship life on those courses that will allow to theirseleves the bravest and the most ambitious captains. Hurry to participate in co-wnge. An optimal amount of co-owners is 8-7 persons. Money is air. Evaluate your temporal possibilities.Contribute one and a half thousand American dollars and you annually during many years on 2 weeks of bathing season will become the proprietor of comfortable yacht. If you like to continue the summer, then your rest can last in tropics for mounths.

Anytime you will be able with a benefit sell your part.

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